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If you need a hair appointment please press the RED HAIR BUTTON or Call (310)274-8967 Giuseppe Franco Salon Beverly Hills or Email:  KeithFoti at gmail dot com.If you have not purchased "All That Still Remains" or "Out of the Dark into the Light" please go to iTunes, etc. and download them thank you for your support. 

I'm available for hair appointments and private yoga lessons are available . Pricing start at $150.00

Keith Foti
 Musician, Celebrity hairstylist, songwriter, producer and YOGI. Born in New Jersey,  transplanted to Los Angeles, in 1998. 
In 1995, Keith Foti worked as a hairstylist in the world renowned NYC, Soho salon John Dellaria. While training and developing his hair craft, Keith spent much of his time at the salon, writing music in the laundry room in between clients. Self taught from the age of 13, with not much encouragement. Keith spent hours and hours learning classic rock riffs and guitar solos, which ended up to be the nucleus of his music today.
 Keith recorded his debut album " All That Still Remains" in 2002-2003. After gaining college airplay on stations such as Berkeley's KLAX 90.7, among others. Keith than went back into hair and established a hair career at Guiseppe Franco in Beverly Hills in 2005. Keith developed a celebrity clientele including Mickey Rourke, Dane Cook, Papa Roach, Guns N Roses, The Cult, Stone Temple Pilots, Amiee Mann, Chris Cornell, Rosanna Arquette among others. 
In 2013, music started to take to focus again as Keith began working on a new EP which was release in March of 2016, entitled "Out of the Dark into the Light" 
In late 2016, Keith became extremely focused on his yoga practice. In hot yoga, Keith found intense emotional relief from the stresses of life. Yoga lite the path and Keith willing the door. In August of 2017, Keith received his 200 RYS teaching certification from Core Power Yoga in Westlake, CA. 
Keith is now sharing his practice with students and is available for private instruction.
In 2018, Keith released his self titled EP "Keith Foti" on Ostereo records and is available everywhere. 



Music Videos
Powerline Records, Keith Foti
keithfoti at
Co-producer: Adam Hamilton
Co-producer: Avery Kentis
Co-producer: J.J. Blair 
Co-producer: Keith Foti 
Drums: Tony Palermo
Bass: Gabe Masca 
Guitar: Keith Foti
Guitar: Nathan December 
2016 "Out of the Dark into The Light EP" 
Co-Producers​: Keith Foti, Rocco Guarino, Avery Kentis

Guitar Players:


 Andres Yepez

 Pou Piam

 Keith Foti

 Adam Hamilton




Gabriel Maska


  • Tony Palermo

  • Adam Hamilton (I let you down)

2004 "ALL That Still Remains"

Keith Foti: Guitar/Vocals

Cary Kane: Drums 

Scott Shriner: Bass 

Nick Snow: Bass

Chuck Kentis: Keyboards

All songs written by Keith Foti 

Produced by Keith Foti & Chuck Kentis

Cover Photo : Jan Saudek "David Lonely Forever"

  1. VIMH - (Keith Foti/ Pou Piam) 

  2. In too deep- (Keith Foti/ Adam Hamilton )

  3. I let you down- (Keith Foti)

  4. Changes in our Lives (Keith Foti/ Gabriel Maska)


Studio Credits:

Scott Weiland's Lavish Studio

Burbank, CA


Drac Studios

West Hollywood, CA

Out of the Dark into the Light EP cover

Legal Representation

: Doug Mark